Friday Jukebox: Soviet Jazz-Funk

by Steve

I’ve had a lot more visitors to this little place than usual, so I thought I’d keep everyone engaged and all those other buzzwords with some Soviet jazz-funk. Because that is just the sort of thing to keep people interested.

I read this article about this YouTube channel and discovered this whole new world of weird, super-obscure Eastern European post-war music that is often really good and rarely not worth a listen, even if just out of curiosity. I still have a lot of it to work through. We live in something of a golden age for having access to so much music but it is rare to be able to tap into something that feels genuinely new and untapped.

There is something inherently exciting about chancing upon something new from the past, and this footage is great as, let’s face it, you don’t tend to get the opportunity to watch 1970s Soviet TV everyday. It is a bonus that the track is fantastic too. This isn’t just kitsch, this is amazing music worth our time.

As a bonus, here’s some Estonian library beat music, for those of you who haven’t run to the hills yet…