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Bexley Council, Old Manor Way Playground and the sale of 27 open spaces


Old Manor Way Playground

So, I went to my first ever council meeting last night, a public meeting concerning the possible sale of Old Manor Way Playground in Barnehurst. This is just one of the 27 open spaces Bexley Council is proposing to sell off, or “considering for disposal” as they put it. Old Manor Way Playground is the only site specifically for children on the list, but is certainly not the only well-used park on the list. This isn’t just a case of selling off odd patches of unused land. Read the rest of this entry »


Happy first day of April everyone. May you avoid any fooling and foolishness today.

1983 TV report on Minneapolis hardcore scene

From The Top

People milling about in a bookshop

Just a quick heads-up that all-round great guy and fantastic writer Steve Harris has a new novel in the works that he is hoping to fund via Kickstarter. If you happen to have ten quid to spare you could do a lot worse with it than pledge it towards Steve’s project and in return you will receive a signed, printed copy of the novel itself, From The Top. And considering the campaign has already raised over £150 of the £500 target, there is a good chance you will be supporting a successful project too. Read the rest of this entry »

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