Wait until next year

Putting off what could be done tomorrow, today

Taking our ball back

Supporter leaping in air after goal scored

Football came from community, it symbolised community. But the modern football business, in the way capitalism does, seeks to replace community with commodity. It attempts to reduce community to a museum piece – itself another commodity, another attempt to sell the thing we created back to us. For many, the battle is already lost. For others, the fact that the discussion is happening means the fight is still on.

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57 channels and nothin’ on

I remember as a kid we only had the four channels and I was incredibly envious when I saw those features on TV about how Americans have thousands of channels to choose from. Even if there was nothing on, as was inevitably said, just imagine that choice – surely better to have loads of channels to not watch than just a handful? Read the rest of this entry »


Galaxie 500 car sign

After very nearly six years this post is the 500th on the blog. A small achievement and probably also a bit of a daft one. It is only a number. Why didn’t I celebrate the 431st post? Or the 497th? Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Jukebox: Something in 4/4 Time

Daryl Hall, one half of soft rock/yacht rock/generally smooth guys Hall and Oates, gets together with King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp in 1977 and records a weird, sonically challenging album. RCA Records shelve the album, as while it is pretty catchy, it is also strange enough to potentially scare off the legions of Hall and Oates fans. The album, Sacred Songs, is finally released in 1980. And there’s your context. Read the rest of this entry »

The pint with your fish and chips on a Friday

Menu sign in a chip shop

Fish Friday. Chippy Tea. Whatever you call it. Fish and chips on a Friday night is one of the great institutions, the sort of tradition that genuinely keeps giving and giving, still seems relevant, vital even. Fish and chips are basically great anytime, but there is something special about having them on a Friday. It is a treat to end the week, a night off the cooking after five days of work. A way to see in the weekend. Read the rest of this entry »


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