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Saturday Night Movie: A Brief, Incomplete Story of Touch And Go Records at Twenty Five Years Old

Gene Clark would have been 70 today

…which is as good an excuse as any to post a Gene Clark song. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Jukebox: Love At First Sight

I’ve been meaning to get into the group Spain for getting on for twenty years. For several years I had an excuse as their albums weren’t exactly easy to get hold of, then they went quiet, which is less of an excuse on my part, then I forgot about them, which didn’t help and now I’ve finally started listening to their stuff, thanks to the wonders of the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Jukebox: Halloweenhead

Friday Jukebox Halloween Special!!! Well, I figured half the internet would be posting Monster Mash videos or similar. If you want some really fun/cool retro Halloween tunes you should check out the links on the WFMU Rock ‘n’ Soul Ichiban site. But I thought I’d just throw up a song I love with Halloween in the title, that isn’t really that Halloween-y sounding. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Jukebox: Had To Hear

As previously mentioned, I was off work at the start of the week, and we had the radio on a lot at home. This song seemed to be on pretty heavy rotation, or was at least the most memorable song I heard. Read the rest of this entry »


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